Instrument Pilot – Session 5

Airports, ATC, and Airspace


In the full version of Ground School USA’s – Instrument Pilot, Session 5, you will get an extensive review of airport features, the air traffic control system, and review of airspace.

  You will learn:
  • Airport features (runway markings, signage, lighting, and more)
  • Go over the IFR flight plan
  • The air traffic control system (go through all the various controllers and their functions and roles and look at common phrases used in communication with ATC as an IFR pilot)
  • The anatomy of an IFR clearance by ATC
  • How to receive IFR clearances and depart Towered-controlled airports and Non-towered airports
  • Review of the Class Airspace system (A-G)

In the sample video below, we’ll begin the discussion about IFR clearances (specifically about picking them up at a towered-controlled airport.

In the full version, available for purchase (right margin), we would have covered the entire ATC system, controllers and roles before this teaching. And after this (in the full version), we’ll explore picking up IFR clearances at non-towered airports and then look specifically at the anatomy of the IFR clearance (and even give you practice copying and understanding practice ones).


Free Sample of Session 5 – enjoy!



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