About Ground School USA


Ground School USA is an aviation ground school instructional program designed to give students the comprehensive knowledge to easily pass various FAA knowledge tests for pilots and equip students with the tools necessary to safely and confidently fly an airplane as certified pilot.  Although Ground School USA is in its first year of existence, we have been teaching people how to fly airplanes and pass FAA knowledge tests for over 20 years!  Our proven pilot ground school courses, now adapted for the web, will get your dreams to fly off the ground!

The instructor, Derek Metro, has taught aviation knowledge, flying skills, and ground instruction for over 20 years.  Derek has been successful in teaching people from beginners to certified flight instructors and is known for his aviation knowledge and understanding.  He also understands what it is like to start out as a beginner and that is why his easy-to-understand teaching style has won the favor of many students over the years.  You will find  compressive, clear course-content which won’t miss a beat in your preparation of your FAA written test.

Our aim at Ground School USA is to equip you with all the tools necessary to ace your next FAA written test and wow the instructors and FAA examiner during your next FAA checkride.  Let us know how we can better serve you!