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You might be a current student pilot with everything they sell already or a veteran pilot who has all the resources that every pilot shop sells.  Ground School USA does not have any formal books or materials requirements.  You can simply sit back and watch the training videos while sipping your favorite beverage or you can work alongside with books and test prep guides to aid your understanding.  If you plan to take the FAA written test, we recommend getting the FAA knowledge Test Prep by Gleim, or Jeppesen, or ASA, etc.  Other helpful resources:  Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Sectional chart, Airplane POH, E6B, plotter.  If you are taking the instrument course, also include:  instrument flying handbook and instrument procedures handbook (both published by the FAA).

Our 10-session course is the most economical way to receive all knowledge training for your certificate needs.  However, if you are just seeking certain subjects you can purchase individual sessions as well.  This is a great option for someone who is wishing to review certain subjects for the written test or a licensed pilot who wants to brush-up on certain knowledge.

You must receive an endorsement to take the FAA written test.  The endorsement basically attests to the fact that you have received the necessary knowledge training required by FAR 61.105 by either  a qualified ground school, a certified flight instructor, or a home-study course.  If you would like our endorsement from Ground School USA, we will verify that you’ve completed our entire course, studied completely through an appropriate test prep book or app, taken practice exams of which you are scoring better than 80% on average.  Ground School USA would be happy to endorse you for your written test.  Just let us know by contacting us.  And we’ll take it from there!

The FAA written test consists of 60 multiple choice test questions of which you must score a 70% or better.  The best place to start is right here!  Our comprehensive ground school training will prepare you and give you all the knowledge necessary to pass your test with flying colors.  We recommend using an FAA test prep book or software with FAA test questions and answers (i.e.,  Gleim, ASA, or Jeppesen, etc).   As you work through our course material, study the test prep in tandem.  This way once you finish our course, will have also finished the test prep as well.  Take your time and go through each chapter and each question in the test prep of your choice and study well!  You can take online practice tests (or use various apps) to test your knowledge and see how you are scoring.  There are paid apps for your iPad or iPhone or free online websites.

When you are ready for the FAA test, you must have a signoff (endorsement) to take the test.  You can go to the closest facility to you, usually either a CATS or LASERGRADE facility on airport location.  A call to your airport or neighboring airport can usually direct you where to take it as well.  Bring with you your test endorsement and a photo ID.  Once you pass your written test it is good for 2 years.  This means you have up to two years from the date you passed the exam to complete and obtain your pilot’s certificate.

A little time, money, and patience!  Seriously, it is a lot more achievable than most people think.  The minimum amount of flight hours the FAA requires is 40 hours.  However, the national average is 70-75 hrs.  You want to do it in the most efficient manner but be a safe, competent and confident pilot.  Every individual will learn at different rates.  For more on requirements to become a pilot, check our How to Become a Pilot resource.

Ground School USA is in its first year of existence.  However, the instructor, Derek Metro, has been teaching people to fly for over 20 years.  Derek has developed a successful ground school program in the Atlanta area in conjunction with Lanier Flight Center and now it is being made available on the web.  Learn more about Ground School USA.

No, you do not need a medical to begin training.  Although, if there is some concern about your health and ability to pass a medical it would be recommended sooner rather than later.  You must possess a medical certificate prior to soloing the airplane.  You must be at least sixteen years old and it needs to be given by a qualified FAA aviation medical examiner.  You can find a list of examiners in your area by visiting www.faa.gov.

If you are in the Atlanta area, look no further.  Lanier Flight Center.  Make sure to not just look for price.  You do get what you pay for.  Look for quality and condition of aircraft, excellence in maintenance, experienced flight instructors, and overall professionalism and customer-oriented staff.