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Our private pilot classes and instrument pilot classes are well regarded as comprehensive and easy-to-understand. Welcome to Ground School USA’s online ground school classes for private pilot certification and instrument pilot certification.  These classes will assist you in learning the complex subjects required to pass the FAA written test, final oral test, or simply be a great refresher to gain or regain the knowledge to confidently fly as a safe pilot.

The individual class is billed per class.  Classes are being added regularly to this page so if you don’t see the topic you need, please check back periodically.

Each class offers a free sample video as well.

Private Pilot Classes

Session 1 – Aerodynamics Part 1

In this clip, you’ll learn about what causes a wing to fly.  We’re going to learn about airfoils, pressure differentials, and general reasons for lift by understanding contributing factors from Bernoulli and Newton. Purchase Full Version

Session 2 – Aerodynamics Part 2

In this clip, you’ll learn about how a basic 4-stroke piston engine works.  We’ll take you inside the cylinder through each of the 4 stages which complete an engine cycle.  Don’t know anything about engines?  No problem, watch & enjoy! Purchase Full Version

Session 3 – Flight Instruments

In this clip, you’ll get a sample of our cockpit instrument lesson and learn how a traditional airspeed indicator works! Purchase Full Version

Session 4 – FAA Regulations

In this clip, you’ll get a sample of the FAA regulations regarding pertaining to operations as a private pilot!  You won’t fall asleep! Purchase Full Version

Session 5 – Airspace for Pilots

In this clip, you’ll learn get a sample of the FAA airspace and how to understand it as a private pilot!  You’ll get it, trust us! Purchase Full Version

Session 6 – Airports

In this sample clip of session 6, you will gain a foundational understanding of airports. Purchase Full Version

Session 7 – Aviation Weather

In this sample clip of session 7, find out dewpoint, clouds, and cold fronts. Purchase Full Version

Session 8 – Weather Services

In this sample clip of session 8, learn how to read an aviation forecast called a “TAF” and also see how to access this information online. Purchase Full Version

Session 9 – Weight & Balance/ Performance

In this sample clip of session 9, you will watch some teaching excerpts on understanding and calculating weight and balance and performance computations. Purchase Full Version

Session 10 – Navigation

In this sample clip of session 10, you will watch some teaching excerpts on aviation navigation including how to a measure course headings, use E6B, and VOR tracking. Purchase Full Version


ForeFlight Lessons

Learning ForeFlight has never been easier! Learn to use ForeFlight with its vast functionality with ease. It’s ForeFlight Lessons that will make sense!   Purchase Full Version

ATC & Radio Communications

In this sample clip, you will watch some excerpts on a portion teaching of the ATC system (Approach Control) and learn some basics on radio communication techniques.  Purchase Full Version

Instrument Pilot Classes


IFR – Session 1 – Flight Instruments

In this sample clip, we’ll look at the pitot-static system and you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the traditional airspeed indicator.  Purchase Full Version

IFR – Session 2 – Instrument Flying and Aerodynamics

In this sample clip, you’ll learn about the interpretation of the instruments and corrective actions needed to recover from an unusual attitude (both full and partial panel).   Purchase Full Version