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Are you ready to turn your dream to become a pilot into reality?  Your private pilot ground school begins here!  With Ground School USA, you have all that is necessary to get you started.  We offer the courses to get you moving toward your goal of getting your private pilots license.  Learning to fly is a lot of fun and it is more achievable than most people think!  With our Complete Private Pilot Ground School you will receive all the training necessary to become a pilot and pass your private pilot written test with ease! Our private pilot ground school course is also an excellent way to see what’s it like if you’re checking it out or brush-up on your knowledge if you are a rusty airman.

Taught by an aviation expert trainer, with over 20 years of experience both in the cockpit and the classroom,  Derek brings a fully comprehensive yet understandable teaching on every subject with a mix of humor, practical application, and actual private pilot written test questions.  Learn everything you need to know with this private pilot ground school course.

Start Your Own Complete Private Pilot Course – Regular Price $199

– Summer Special 2023 $100! (save $100)

Get all 10 sessions of our Private Pilot Ground School course immediately when you purchase our Complete Private Pilot Course.  Each 2 hr session (some are 3 hr) will guide you through the complex topics related to a private pilot understanding for the written test.  Taught in an upbeat, informative and practical manner you will be learning from an aviation expert who has taught hundreds like you and trained countless people to teach others!  Our instructor will go over actual FAA test questions with you in every session!  Known for making the complex things simple, Derek will gain your trust as he leads you to success as a private pilot!  So gain the confidence you need for the written test and the cockpit by ordering the Complete Private Pilot Course now!

You get the entire course for a reasonable rate of $100.00 (over 22 hrs of teaching).

You will be directed to a membership page.  Simply select “Purchase Course Now” below or the red “Purchase Now” button to the right!

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* If you’re not fully satisfied with our ground school course within 48 hrs, you can get a complete refund

Our Online Private Pilot Ground School Covers:

  • Basic Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Systems
  • The Cockpit and Flight Instruments
  • Federal Regulations
  • Airport Markings and Operations
  • Airspace
  • Airplane Performance and Weight and Balance
  • Flight Planning and Navigation
  • Radio Communication and Air Traffic Control



For sample videos of each class, go to: our sample videos.

For individual classes by subject available for purchase, go to: our individual classes.


Where is My Course (class) I purchased?

If you have bought one of our classes or courses, after you log in, you should be on your “My Account” page.  If not, it is located on the upper right hand corner next to the log-in.  Also, please note that your USER is not your email.

  • On the My Account page, to the far right sidebar, right above the big blue “more info” button, find the words “Your Account”
    • Under “Your Account” – you should see “Your Complete Private Pilot Course”
    • Click on this link each time and you will be directed to your class list.
    • Simply click on the class you want to watch
    • If you purchased an individual subject, your class will be at the bottom of the page
    • Get a notebook and pen and a cup of coffee and get ready to learn!

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Don’t wait another day, get your dream to fly off the ground with Ground School USA and begin your private pilot training today with our popular and proven online private pilot ground school.