Instrument Pilot – Session 6C – Instrument Missed Approaches, Circling Approaches, and GPS Approaches

  In the full (paid) version of Ground School USA’s – Instrument Pilot, Session 6C, we’ll continue our discussion on approaches:

  • Missed Approaches – how to identity them, cautions, and tips for executing them safely
  • Circling Approaches – understanding the complexity and flexibility, and tips for executing them safely
  • GPS Approaches – LPV, LNAV/VNAV, and more…

Going beyond a written-test understanding, you’ll learn important aspects to incorporate in your flying and enhance safety in these critical aspects of IFR approaches.

The full lesson also includes several sample written test questions and their explanations.

Video Sample of Session 6C – on Circling Approaches



Get the full Session 6C (1:33) now for $19.99!

      • Missed Approaches
      • Circling Approaches
      • GPS Approaches