Instrument Pilot – Session 6a – Holding Patterns


In the full version of Ground School USA’s – Instrument Pilot, Session 6a, you will get a handle on everything you need to know about IFR holding patterns and more!
You will learn:

  • reasons for IFR holds
  • holding basics
  • effect of wind on holding patterns
  • unpublished holds and ATC holding clearances
  • entries to a hold
  • and some cockpit methods for quick orientation.

You’ll understand everything you need to know about holds and be prepared to practice them in the simulator or airplane.

In the sample video below, we’ll begin the discussion about IFR holding patterns. We’ll cover the basic knowledge about the holding patterns, terms, techniques and how to deal with wind. We’ll also begin discussing hold entries.

In the full version, available for purchase (right margin), you will get the complete teaching on hold entries, hold clearances and how to orient yourself in the cockpit using a technique airline pilots have used for years.


Free Sample of Session 6a – enjoy!



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