Instrument Pilot – Session 6B – Instrument Approaches

  In the full (paid) version of Ground School USA’s – Instrument Pilot, Session 6B, you will dive into the instrument approach!   You will learn:

  • Approach plate nomenclature
  • Jeppesen and NOS approach plates
  • Segments of an approach
  • Precision and non-precision approaches
  • The ILS (Instrument Landing System) and its related components
  • Understand how to generally execute an approach and how to fly the ILS

The instrument approach is where everything comes together.  Your scan, navigating and tracking courses, situational awareness, working with ATC, and handling the aircraft!  In this important lesson, you’ll learn the knowledge that will help you pass the written test and go behind in assisting you to fly instrument approaches with confidence!

Free Sample of Session 6B – enjoy!



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