Instrument Pilot Ground School

We have taught Instrument Pilot Ground School for years in the classroom.  It is now being developed for online.  So please keep checking back!  Instrument flying is incredibly useful and rewarding!

How many times have you cancelled or delayed your flying trip because of bad weather?  Starring at the forecast of low ceilings, low visibilities, and rain, you wonder if it’s time you got your instrument rating.  Let scrapped flights become a thing of the past, Ground School USA offers the knowledge and tools necessary to earn that needed IFR rating with our popular instrument ground school.  Don’t have a pilot’s certificate yet?  We can help, check out our private pilot ground school.


What Could an Instrument Rating Do for You?

Instrument training will allow you to:

  • Understand weather better but not be as limited by it.
  • Become more proficient with the airplane, instruments, and aircraft systems.
  • Add a whole new level of comfortability in dealing with ATC.
  • Gain a greater level of confidence in the airplane.
  • Increase the overall safety of every flight.

Find out more about instrument rating requirements.


Ground School USA’s Instrument Ground School

With our instrument ground school course you get comprehensive, practical, and easy-to-understand teaching surrounding all aspects of instrument flying.  You will gain all the knowledge necessary to ace your instrument written test and be a safe, well-informed instrument pilot.  Our instructor has spent over 20 years teaching pilots and instructors.  Advance your skills today and don’t let the instrument written test hang over your head any longer.  Let Ground School USA get you above the clouds!  Check out our other ground school courses.

Our Instrument Training Course Covers

  • Airplane Instruments
  • Attitude Instrument Flying Techniques
  • Airplane Navigational Systems
  • Federal Regulations
  • Review of Airports and Operations
  • The Air Traffic Control System
  • Airspace Review
  • Holding Patterns
  • Instrument Approaches
  • Weather
  • Flying IFR Cross-countries
  • Risk Management
  • Aeromedical Factors


Don’t delay your instrument flight training any further, begin your instrument ground school today! Our online instrument pilot ground school is your boarding pass for adventure and your ticket to the world of instrument flying!


Now Here…Now Available…

Check out our class offerings for the Instrument Pilot Ground School in the right side margin!  We’ll be releasing more Instrument Ground School classes periodically.  Eventually we’ll have a complete course!  Keep checking back!