“As a flight instructor of 30+ years I was very impressed with the presentation and how well Derek explains thoroughly each section of the course. Unlike most courses that throw you in there, I was impressed how he teaches as if you never even been in a plane before. I would recommend this to anyone new or even experienced. Thanks Derek…”

Hal E.
(Retired Southwest Pilot of 25 years)


“I have begun my Private Pilot flight training and now have 30 hours under my belt. I recently completed the Gleim Private Pilot Ground School and all went fine (but, a found it a bit on the “texty side”). So, I ran across a sample video online from Ground School USA with your explanation of Airspace – great !!! I “get it” now. What I missed in the Gleim program was a simple/clear explanation of things. So, I am presently moving through YOUR course and really getting a better perspective of things. Your explanations and videos are excellent – very calmly personality, with a very detailed explanation from a practical easy-flowing perspective. And, you always answer the question: Why?

I am glad I connected with you and your course. Now I have to get back to more….”

Ted C.
(Durango, CO)


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