Online Ground School Reviews


“As a flight instructor of 30+ years I was very impressed with the presentation and how well Derek explains thoroughly each section of the course. Unlike most courses that throw you in there, I was impressed how he teaches as if you never even been in a plane before. I would recommend this to anyone new or even experienced. Thanks Derek…”

Hal E.
Retired Southwest Pilot of 25 years – Sept 2016


“I have begun my Private Pilot flight training and now have 30 hours under my belt. I recently completed the Gleim Private Pilot Ground School and all went fine (but, a found it a bit on the “texty side”). So, I ran across a sample video online from Ground School USA with your explanation of Airspace – great !!! I “get it” now. What I missed in the Gleim program was a simple/clear explanation of things. So, I am presently moving through YOUR course and really getting a better perspective of things. Your explanations and videos are excellent – very calmly personality, with a very detailed explanation from a practical easy-flowing perspective. And, you always answer the question: Why?
I am glad I connected with you and your course. Now I have to get back to more….”
Ted C.
Durango, CO – Jan 2017

“Your videos were amazing not only because of the content but also because it was so much fun to watch them.  I first purchased the King School program ($349).  It was a waste of time and money.  I also spent thousands of dollars on ground lessons with my CFI.  Not much help either, just because you’re a licensed teacher doesn’t mean you can teach.  Then I subscribed to your $149 program, and I watched ALL 10 videos within one (1) week.  I also purchased your recommended Gleim study guide – which is a wonderful study guide.

I loved your videos so much and I got so much positive energy from them that I went through all the test questions in the study guide.  After watching your videos out of 850 or so questions I was able to answer correctly 91% of them, for the very first try!  And now, I’m happy to report that I just took my Private Pilot written exam today and passed with a 100%!!!  I blame it on you!  Your videos were just too good!  

I can’t thank you more for the wonderful videos you created. You are the best, and I hope you will make instrument or commercial videos as well.”

Mateusz W.
Mesa, AZ – May 2017


I wanted to let you know that I have taken some of the other online training courses and they don’t compare to your videos. You cleared up so many questions that I had as a student pilot and will recommend your video course to my fellow students. Thank you for your easy to understand teaching style. I feel much more confident now and will be taking my checkride soon. I look forward to more courses in the future!

Mark D.
Vacaville, CA – Nov 2017